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Hey, wasn't this the girl from 11:13?

Other then that, I really enjoyed this game. The pixel art just was,,, like, amazing. The dialouge just gives me these fuzzy vibes, and yes shadow monster of ticket man, you get all the tickets. The shadow monsters are adorable.

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Yes it’s supposed to be the same character!! 11:13 is basically a prequel.

But yeah I’m glad you enjoyed it! Thank you so much! I’ll add more shadow monsters for you next time hehe. 

oh. o w.

Still trying to figure out the story in 11:13(that game's amazing), yes more shadow monsters!

I love everything about this game! I can totally relate to running out of motivation but I really hope you will make more games, even small ones. Your pixel art is some of the coolest, most immersive pixel art I've seen since Celeste! Lighting is epic, sound design is careful and precise, and the whole game feels cohesive! If you run low on motivation, I recommend branching out for a while and giving yourself a change of scenery. Doing so forced me to reconsider my perspective on a lot of things and added a lot of well needed color into my life. Thank you for making your games.


This is literally the nicest comment ever... Thank you so much for the kind words and advice, I really needed this. Also, I absolutely love Celeste and it's pixel art, I'm really happy you mentioned it. <3

Glad I could help! :) My favorite thing about your games are the absolute immersion, which rivals the immersion of my favorite (non-jam and professional) games!

I would really be interested if you made a post or something about your creative process because I wish I could design games more like you!


Oh my gosh sorry for the late late reply! Thank you!! That would be nice to make someday, but my creative process usually just making very messy doodles in my sketchbook which isn’t super innovative or anything. :p 

You're awesome . I know you may think of those messy doodles as means to an end but I'm fascinated in how you evolve your ideas like this! Where do you start, and what do you apply to make them more immersive?

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this was really good! this was great!

aw thank you! <3


hello, friendly comment about my love to ur work. just played eleven13 and I didn't expect the plot- anyways,,,, I hope u keep doin those kind of games ;-;

ahh this is so sweet T-T ..thank you for playing my games! <3


Amazing atmosphere, would like to see more content and possibilities.

ah thank you! I might think about continuing it someday :)

cool game 

thank youu!